Welcome to the CAELi Institute campus

Unleash your celestial curiosity at CAELi.

Hello, You! Meet CAELi.

This is the Celestial Arts Education Library Institute. 

This unique member-supported cultural institute provides you with a robust resource to take your astrological research to new depths, and meet lifelong friends along the way. The library houses 10,000 volumes of source texts about astrology. When you join the CAELi community, you join a vanguard of astrological researchers creating new pathways and modalities for people to learn about the rich culture, history, and practice of the celestial arts across human cultures.

Our founder, Jenn Zahrt, spent a decade collecting collections of astrological books and journals that were (and sometimes still are) not available in major libraries worldwide. When universities say that astrology "isn't academic enough," they have yet to see what we've gathered here, and what we'll produce from here once we start utilizing the collection to its fullest.

This virtual campus space is open to everyone. You can gather here, discuss your research, form reading groups, and take courses at your leisure. When it comes time to access library services, you can become a supporting member. Members also get discounts on select classes as well.

Our teaching philosophy

In the post-pandemic world of ZOOM-fatigue, we want to do more for you than just broadcast. We want you to feel like you're sitting in a seminar with the most brilliant minds. See your fellow students. FEEL community. Our courses are smaller and geared toward live interaction. Recordings are always posted if you cannot make class live, and you will have areas to chat and connect with fellow students, just as though you were on a real campus.

At the Celestial Arts Education Library Institute, we weave arts together with stars, and carry on the traditions and lineage of the astrological craft. Come on in! Let's shape the future, together!